Turning a house into a home!

Welcome back to A More Rewarding Life! After moving to half the square footage of our previous home and living in half of THAT space while renovating, I seemed to jump right back into being a workaholic. Yet, for a very different purpose. In my last post, I mentioned getting back on track with my self care after moving. HA! How foolish and naive I was. My husband and I planned on a few (what we thought were small) projects in our new home, and in my head, we would be hiring people to help do part of the work, and my husband and I would split the rest of the work 50/50. That turned into extreme frustration when people who were hired either didn’t show up or were unreliable and took double the amount of time than we were quoted. Every moment for over a month that wasn’t spent working in the vet world was spent working on our home. I have a brand new appreciation for anyone who has taken on living in home renovations (ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE PETS). On several occasions, I had to give my pets anti-anxiety medication and drag them to work with me (which they both HATE). What made matters worse was that I would have an hour commute with my high-anxiety dog in the car all for our dry wall people NOT TO SHOW UP. Once home, I was painting, mudding, sanding, spackling, etc. I have pretty much painted the entire interior of our home… which was a WAY bigger project than I predicted. However, this did save us thousands of dollars and it looks incredible! My husband, unfortunately, did not put in his 50% that I was hoping for. Part of this was likely my fault (being the control freak and perfectionist I tend to be) and part of it was his complete disinterest in most of the home renovation projects.

I am not going to sugar coat this experience. This blog was meant to be a transparent view into this big life change and that is what I intend to give you. The past month and a half has been a very tough time for me. I spent every waking moment working on our house as much as possible so that we could finally get to a point where I felt settled. I worked until I was sick, never took the time to prep nutritious food, and haven’t seen the gym in two months. I know how important self care is, but with every project left undone, it meant another day living on top of boxes, and that, I couldn’t bear. I gave up precious time with friends and family to get these projects done, and felt myself becoming resentful, exhausted, and sick. However, now that our major projects are finished and I can finally find most of my clothes and belongings, I am in awe of how in love I am with our home. I cannot fully describe to you the incredible feeling of having accomplished so much and loving the end result. The reward is overwhelming. I’ve also developed quite a sense of pride with all the incredible home improvement skills I have learned throughout this process.

My husband and I also have some incredible friends to thank who took time out of their lives to work on our home. Friends like these are one in a million and I am forever grateful to have them in our lives. Now that our house is finally a home, I can’t wait to have family and friends over to get back to whats important. Having fun and spending time together.

A little while back, I had planned a trip mid November to California to see a good friend and take some much needed time off. As for most of my trips, this could not have come at a better time. My husband and I finally got to spend the night in our master bedroom the night before I left for my week long trip. The next morning I was off to California and spent the entire week exploring a new place, reconnecting with a life long friend, reading, resting, cooking, and adventuring. It was perfect.

Now that I am home and big projects are done, my self care can finally move back up to #1 (where it should be). I even came home to some great surprised finished projects that my husband did while I was away! I LOVE the butcher block counter he put in above our washer dryer! You are absolutely “adulting” when you get excited about having a place to fold your clothes. Bravo, babe!

The next big step is to sell our other house which is now finally on the market! Our previous home did need some TLC to make sure it was in tip top shape prior to selling and fortunately, we hired a reliable contractor that did a fabulous job. It was truly a great first home for us, and I am hoping another family loves it as much as we did! Here’s hoping it sells quickly! Thanks again for stopping by the blog today! As promised…. before and afters!! Stay tuned for more in future blog posts!

Home design inspired by Poplar Homes! This would not have been possible without Hilary and Justin Frost. We LOVE our home! Thank you!

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