Officially downsized!

Hello faithful followers and newcomers of a more rewarding life! I am currently writing to you from a quiet little coffee shop far from home. I scheduled a little work out of town not knowing how much I would need a break from all the moving! Our long awaited move is finally upon us and I am happy to report that after several days of packing, moving, unloading, unpacking, and cleaning in 95 degree weather, the Ensors are starting to get settled into their new home and way of life. Although my husband and I sold and donated the majority of what we own, we still have a lot of stuff and more to get rid of! As I am sure many of you can relate, moving is not a very fun process. Luckily, with my mom and I moving so often when I was young, I was groomed for being a highly efficient mover. My husband and I had planned to save money and do all of the moving ourselves. Once the move really started, my first thought was… “I immediately regret this decision.” Thankfully, we had a lot of help from my wonderful mother-in-law, and we realized there are just some things this lady cannot lift. I’m looking at you washer and dryer! So in the end, we will have to shell out a little money to move a few giant things. Nonetheless, we accomplished SO MUCH in the matter of a few days. Now, its time to make our new house a home and get the old one on the market!

Our new yard!!

Along with moving, I was able to achieve some pretty amazing goals over the past couple of weeks, and I would like to formally acknowledge and celebrate those accomplishments. Aside from my full time veterinary career, I have mentioned before that I am a part of helping create a women’s professional mentoring organization called Vinea. From the beginning, I had a vision of creating a book club with the goal of covering professional and personal development books. I wanted today’s and tomorrow’s female leaders in our community to have the opportunity to learn and grow from one another (over delicious food and mimosas of course). This dream finally came to fruition a couple weeks ago. We had a great turnout, inspiring conversation, and the food I prepared turned out great! If I wasn’t on cloud nine enough, a colleague of mine who opened an incredible veterinary clinic asked if I would come train her staff about what’s new in veterinary dentistry (another HUGE passion of mine). I had so much anxiety leading up to these events that I wouldn’t be able to pull it all off, and although anxiety can often be debilitating, in this case, it helped me strive for excellence and I am very proud of what I have achieved. I am QUEEN of setting goals, but often I am too busy setting the next goal and fail to celebrate the goals I’ve reached (like many of us). This time, I made a point to stop and take a deep breath and reflect on what my hard work had accomplished. And you know what, it made a huge difference! It is important to celebrate a win whenever we can, mainly because, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves knowing that we may be crushing it in certain aspects of life and completely failing at others. For me, my self care has gone down the toilet. Unfortunately, we can’t make EVERY aspect of our life a priority. That just isn’t possible. There are only so many hours in a day and sometimes one needs a little grace. So now that my first book club meeting was a success, I pulled off a good training lecture, and downsized my life by moving into a smaller house… my self care needs to get back on track before I collapse completely.

So today, I am happy to be away from home which has forced me to take a break in a sweet, quiet, little coffee shop. I doodled in my planner, had a small pumpkin spice latte, and planned some much needed vacation! I am so looking forward to a new direction in life in our small home. My dog and cat seem to have already adjusted really well, and I can tell they love the cozy environment and the huge yard! I feel more inspired to get outside, relax, cook, and live a more rewarding life without the excess. My husband and I are in love with our new space and look forward to many home improvement projects to make it our own. I’ve already been busy painting and getting great design ideas from my uber talented friend Hillary. If you are in the Knoxville area and are thinking about home renovations or even decor for the upcoming holiday season, I STRONGLY encourage you check out Poplar Homes! Maybe you’ll get lucky and see some before and after pictures of our master bedroom! It’s not stressful living through renovations… right? Either way, a healthy diet, hydration, and daily exercise are back on the top priority list (along with relaxation). As always, thanks for stopping by!

It is a beautiful, sunny day, as we walk through the meadow. It is very spiritual and relaxation and there are flowers and it is sunny and beautiful. Now, up ahead, a castle, in the distance. And you walk up, toward the castle. And inside the castle are four men. And each of them– none of the have shoes. And they give you a funny cigarette and you feel even more relaxed. And then you want ice cream. You want a big bowl of ice cream. So what kind of ice cream do you want? Yell it out.” – Michael Scott

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